Ruth and Hilda Simon: Last letter from Mom and Sister

This is the very last correspondence from Ruth Heinemann (Simon)’s mother Selma, and sister Ilse. If you haven’t read the story of Ruth Heinemann yet, click on her story and read it first before you read any further.The original letter was in German, the following has been translated by Ruth.

The original letter sent to Ruth and Hilde from their Mom and sister Ilse. Click on picture to enlarge.

Dear Children,

It was a joy to receive greetings from you through a friend! We are here together with all our relatives and always look forward to receive news from you. We also received news from Edith that she is attending a Bar Mitzvah on May 2nd. Dear Hilde, you will celebrate your 17th birthday! Our good wishes are always with you both. Stay well and don’t worry about us. Our dear God will watch over us always. Be strong and work efficiently. You are in touch with Hermans Betty’s Mother-in Law. Do you get together with young people your age? We have not heard from your grandmother. Be well and happy! With Love and best regards.

Your parents

(Ilse’s writing)

My Dear Sisters,

At house and thanks for your writings too! Send us a little picture of yourselves. I am as tall as mother! Best wishes to the birthday Hilde! How many years are you in training? Greetings. Kisses!!

Love, Ilsa

Front row: Ruth Simon, Hilda Simon, Ilse Simon; The father is in the center and mother, Selma, is on the far right

From this picture, only Ruth and Hilda would survive the war.

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